Frequently Asked Questions

Using DemoWave

What is DemoWave?

DemoWave is a service that allows you with creating interactive demos that can show your product in action - right on your website, without registration, scheduling a demonstration and other hassles.

What are interactive demos?

An interactive demo is a new way to showcase your product. It looks like a player where a user clicks on "hotspots" and switches between steps - this may sound simple but it allows them to feel and see how your product works. The user can anytime move back or forward.

Technically, it's a frame that loads a tiny native JavaScript code (~60Kb) that provides UI and all the user experience.

In the DemoWave dashboard, you can edit steps, hotspots, tooltips, add logic, and change how the player looks.

Is an interactive demo better than videos?

We think it may be much better than videos - for many use cases. When a user watches the video, it may be hard for them to catch some points and moving between scenes is always a challenge.

Another point is when a user interacts with demos, he or she develops a feeling of involvement in the process which psychologically leads to better results (from the marketing point of view) known as the "IKEA effect".

What are use cases for the interactive demos?

You can create the demos for multiple use cases:

  • explainer demo
  • tutorials
  • use cases of your own products.